Francesca De Rossi


DSC 6332 small  Fixed-term Researcher (RTDa)

  Dept of Electronic Engineering 
  University of Rome "Tor Vergata" - CHOSE

  casale 11 Tor Vergata
  via Pietro Gismondi snc
  00133 Rome - Italy

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After her PhD degree in Telecommunications and Microelectronics Engineering on flexible dye solar cells, awarded by University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ in 2014, Dr De Rossi spent nearly 4 years abroad, working as a Technology Transfer Fellow at SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, Swansea University (UK). She was part of the PV team led by Prof T.M. Watson, focusing on the upscaling of printable perovskite solar cells, and lead of the stability activity within his group.

She is currently a fixed term researcher (RTD-A), funded by the EU H2020 project APOLO, led by Prof F. Brunetti, on smart designed, fully printed flexible perovskite solar cells (

Research Activity

Low cost and effective manufacturing processes for the scaling up of perovskite solar cells on flexible substrates.

Innovative materials and strategies for long-term stability. 


  • C.-T. Lin, F. De Rossi, ... & J.R. Durrant (2019), Evidence for surface defect passivation as the origin of the remarkable photostability of unencapsulated perovskite solar cells employing aminovaleric acid as a processing additive, Jour. Materials Chemistry A, 2019, 7, 3006-3011
  • H. Lakhiani, T. Dunlop, F.  De Rossi, ... & W. C. Tsoi (2019), Variations of Infiltration and Electronic Contact in Mesoscopic Perovskite Solar Cells Revealed by HighResolution MultiMapping Techniques, Advanced Functional Materials, 1900885.
  • F. De Rossi, J.A. Baker, … & T.M. Watson (2018), All printable perovskite solar modules with 198 cm² active area and over 6% efficiency, Advanced Materials Technologies, 1800156
  • S.M.P. Meroni, Y. Mouhamad, F. De Rossi, … & T.M. Watson (2018), Homogeneous and highly controlled deposition of low viscosity inks and application on fully printable perovskite solar cells, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 19(1), 1-9
  • T.J. Wilderspin, F. De Rossi, T.M. Watson (2016), A simple method to evaluate the effectiveness of encapsulation materials for perovskite solar cells, Solar Energy, 139, 426-432
  • F. De Rossi, T. Pontecorvo, T.M. Brown (2015), Characterization of photovoltaic devices for indoor light harvesting and customization of flexible dye solar cells to deliver superior efficiency under artificial lighting, Applied Energy, 156, 413-422
  • T.M. Brown, F. De Rossi, … & A. Di Carlo (2014), Progress in flexible dye solar cell materials, processes and devices, Jour. Materials Chemistry A, 2 (28), 10788-10817

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