CHOSEMANIFESTAZIONI17 Ottobre 2016: Maker Faire

17 Ottobre 2016: Maker Faire

CHOSE participates in an outreach activity in ROME MAKER FAIRE 2016 - THE EUROPEAN EDITION 4.0 starting from 17 October- 2016.

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show on Earth – a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker Movement. It’s a place where people of all ages and backgrounds gather together to show what they are making, and share what they are learning. Europe’s biggest innovation fair, promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce and organized by its special internal unit Innova Camera. More than 110,000 visitors in three days. Thousands thronged to the stands and visited the more than 700 inventions presented by makers from more than 65 different countries. At Fiera di Roma this year, the event attracted not only families, children, and students, but a host of entrepreneurs and industry professionals as well.

Below some pictures explaining greenhouse covered by DSC solar panels, providing power and shadow to the house at the same time.

Maker Faire 2016 Maker Faire 2016 Maker Faire 2016 Maker Faire 2016


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