In this work we demonstrate the beneficial role of MXene doping for both perovskite absorber and electron transporting layer in NiO-based inverted perovskite solar cells. The addition of MXenes permits on one side to easy tune the energy level alignment at perovskite/charge transporting layer interfaces, and on the other side to passivate traps states within the cell structure, which in turn improves charge extraction and collection at the electrodes. The MXene-based engineered cells showed superior performance, with power conversion efficiency exceeding 19% and improved stabilized power output with respect to reference devices. Due to the possibility to finely tune the MXene work function during their chemical synthesis and to their capability in modifying the optoelectronic properties of PSC layers when used as dopant, the proposed approach opens countless ways for engineering inverted PSC structure, strongly promising in term of long-term stability and future scalability on large area devices.


D. Saranin, S. Pescetelli, A. Pazniak, D. Rossi, A. Liedl, A. Yakusheva, L. Luchnikov, D. Podgorny, P. Gostischev, S. Didenko, A. Tameev, D. Lizzit, M. Angelucci, R. Cimino, R. Larciprete, A. Agresti, A. Di Carlo

Nano Energy
Volume 82, April 2021, 105771




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